Trip to Cavit Winery

My trip to Cavit winery was the best experience in my life. I got to meet Anselmo Martini, the famous wine maker for Cavit wines. Cavit Winery is based in beautiful Trento, Italy. Cavit wined and dined myself and a my friend. We enjoyed every day in Trento. The wines of Cavit are exceptional and I highly recommend them. Winning Cavit’s 8th Annual Pizza Contest was truly and honor I will never forget.

Grazie Mille Cavit Wine!

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See below more information on Anselmo Martini.

Anselmo Martini

As one of northern Italy’s top enologists, Anselmo is perhaps best recognized as lead winemaker at Cavit, where he has played an integral role over the past twenty years in developing the winery’s reputation as Trentino’s leading wine producer.

Anselmo Martini was born and raised in Trentino, and during several years of academic and hands-on training at the renowned Istituto Agrario San Michele all’Adige, Martini earned the titles of expert winegrower, cellar master, and a degree in agrotechnics. He then went on to specialize in enology, honing his skills at a number of advanced technical institutions in northern Italy.

In subsequent years, Martini toured many of the world’s major wine producing regions to study indigenous grape varietals and experience firsthand the influence of terroir. Throughout his travels, he encountered a diversity of winemaking techniques and formed valuable connections with key players in the international wine community.

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