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Super Bowl Crostini


1 baguette sliced
8 tsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
1 yellow onion sliced
2 tsp. of minced garlic
1 5.2 oz. of Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs cheese
1 jar of Robert Rothschild Farm Caramelized Onion Spread (Optional if you don’t sauté your own onions and garlic)
2 tbsp. of dry sherry
1 tbsp. of honey
Dash of salt
Dash of pepper
1 (8 oz.) Steak cut into slices, grilled and then sliced thing
2 sprigs of fresh minced Rosemary


1. Slice baguette into 1/4 slices brush olive oil (5 tbsp.) on both sides; salt and pepper bake on cookie sheet at 375° Fahrenheit until brown. Set aside.
2. Broil or grill meat. About 5 minutes on each side. Slice thin and set aside.
3. In a frying pan, add 3 tbsp. olive oil; garlic, honey and onion, sauté with sherry, salt and pepper. Sauté until onions are translucence about 15 minutes over medium heat. (Or use Rothschild onion spread for a quicker recipe instead of sautéing the onions.
4. Spread 1 tsp. of Boursin cheese on crostini.
5. Top each slice with ½ tsp. of onions or onion spread.
6. Add one slice of beef on top of onion mixture.
7. Top each crostini with a couple Rosemary leaves.

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