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Fancy Food Show Summer 2013: Sara Moulton’s Top 13 Picks

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Foodies, feast your eyes on this. Behold, the 59th Annual Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. “Good Morning America” food editor Sara Moulton combed the booths at the specialty food show, which features edibles from more than 2,400 exhibitors from 80 countries.

From designer mac and cheese, to the new “superfoods,” to chocolate confections, and more, Moulton picked out the most interesting new products around that foodies should keep an eye out for. See all of Moulton’s picks below.

Amazing New Feta Cheese

Ezra’s Dairy is a new Israeli feta cheese being manufactured in this country by the Bunker Hill Cheese company. It is most unusual in that it tastes like feta , a flavorful robust cheese, and it’s salty like feta, but it has a smooth creamy texture like soft tofu. Even the low-fat version has a creamy texture. Ezra’s is spreadable, meltable and you can puree it with other ingredients to make a smooth creamy sauce.

Designer Mac And Cheese

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, made at two locations, one in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and the second in New York’s Flatiron district, has been making artisan cheese since 2003. It ventured into the frozen mac and cheese business in 2009 with its “World’s Best” Mac and Cheese, which has won many awards. Now, Beecher’s has added three variations to the line-up: Smoked Flagship Mac and Cheese, Mac and Cheese with Roasted Poblanos and Chicken, and Mac and Cheese with Savory Mushrooms and Pork. I tasted the first two and they were astoundingly delicious.

Killer Dip: Hot Parmesan & Artichoke Dip Mix

The Gourmet du Village company makes hot dip mixes and their latest is Parmesan Artichoke Dip, which won a gold Sofi Award (the Sofis are the specialty food show equivalent of the Oscars) in the appetizer/dip category. You could really wow your guests with this little appetizers.

Unique Meal Starters

Wild Veggie Soup Puree and Recipe Starter

Wild Veggie makes six vegetable purees — broccoli, red pepper, carrot, butternut squash, beet and edamame. You can use the purees as the base of a soup, or as a sauce, dip or dressing. I tasted the broccoli soup made from the puree and it was delicious. Each 14.8 oz container of puree is the equivalent of 3 to 5 servings of whole vegetables. What a great way to get veggies on the table during the workweek!

Kitchens of Africa Sauces

Founded by a young woman who moved to this country from Africa and missed the flavors from her native cuisine, Kitchens of Africa sauces will fill a big void on the supermarket shelf. For someone like me who is looking for a new cuisine to cook at home, these exciting, vibrant, all-natural sauces based on intense spices and fruits, will fill that gap. There are five to choose from, a peanut simmer sauce, an onion simmer sauce and three versions of jerk pastes – mild, spicy and fiery.

Artisinal Tomato Juices

Tomatina is an all natural blend of 100 percent fresh vegetable (beet, red pepper, cucumber, carrot and celery) juices and ripe red tomatoes. A 12 ounce bottle is the equivalent of three servings of vegetables and weighs in at just 80 calories. They’re refreshing and a great way to get some more vegetables into your diet.

Ubons BBQ Bloody Mary Mix

Ubons was first developed by legendary pit master Garry Roark in Yazoo City, Miss., about 20 years ago. During multiple BBQ competitions and events, Roark would share this little homemade concoction with friends, who encouraged him to bring the product to the marketplace. The mix incorporates traditional bloody mary flavors with a Memphis twist, including the flavors of fresh dill pickles. It is quite tasty straight up and I can see it being the secret ingredient as well in many recipes.

Healthy Choices

Chia Pods

Chia is the hot new seed, advertised as the “richest plant-based source of Omega 3, fiber and protein, loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.” You usually find it added to cereals, breads and other baked goods, but the Chia Co. has come up with an ingenious tasty new way to present it — in a “pod” meaning, a little individual cup, a single serving of chia cooked in coconut milk with fruit. There are four flavors of this new concoction. My favorites are the banana and mango. The texture of the “pod” is creamy, like tapioca.


Freekeh is the new “superfood.” Common in the Middle East, but fairly new to this country, freekah is actually plain old wheat but produced in a unique way. It is harvested in early spring, while still green and moist, and gently roasted over an open fire, scorching off and loosening any chaf. It’s high in fiber, protein and calcium. Freekehlicious makes two versions, wholegrain or cracked, in 9 ounce pouches. The cracked is similar in texture to bulgur wheat; the wholegrain to wheat berries in size and texture. It could be used as a breakfast cereal, or in salads, soups, or even as the base of a main dish. I love its nutty taste and chewy texture.

Chocolate Concoctions

Valrhona’s Dulcey Blond Chocolate Bar

Many great treats of the culinary world came about because of a mistake (champagne, for example) and now one of the darling producers of the chocolate world, Valrhona, is introducing their new delightful “mistake” for consumers. It is called Dulcey, a kind of “blonde” chocolate. Made with pure cocoa butter, the Dulcey bar is smooth and creamy with a velvety texture and warm blonde color. It was discovered when one of the chefs at the Valhrona chocolate school left white chocolate to melt in a bain marie and forgot about it until 10 hours later when he noticed that it had turned golden and its flavor had evolved into something reminiscent of “roasted Breton shortbread.”

Pop Corn Pop Chocolate Bars

Chuao, (pronounced chew wow), already packed one of my favorite flavor/textural combinations into a bar – chocolate and potato chips — but now they have come up with several new combos, equally unique: Pop Corn Pop, Rocky Road and Maple Bacon and in case you might feel guilty eating a whole bar, they have mini versions called chocopods that are just 50 or 60 calories.

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

New Yorkers go out of their way to sample the deeply rich hot chocolate from City Bakery, but until now it has not been available nationwide. Well, that has just changed. Owner Maury Rubin has come out with Tetra Paks of the liquid dessert, available in milk and dark chocolate and ready to heat. The City Bakery Hot Chocolate has a silky texture unlike those gritty powdery cocoa mixes. It is also delicious chilled.

Tea For Kids

A couple in Canada was trying to come up with a snack that was low in sugar for their kids and stumbled upon the idea of Tea Pops, which their kids just love. Deebees make three versions for kids based on rooibus, an herbal tea in mango tango, mint-a-licious and Tea-na colada, and two flavors for grownups — classic iced tea and cherry berry. Both versions are a terrific healthy pick me up for a hot day.

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