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Benefits of Garlic

Dolce Vita™ cookbook includes a lot of recipes with garlic as an ingredient. Garlic has many health benefits. I tried to use garlic in as many recipes as possible.

Benefits of Garlic:

• Protects from oxidative stress
• Supports healthy blood pressure
• Good source of vitamin C and Vitamin B6
• Daily intake lowers risk of most cancers
• Effective against yeast infections and clotting disorders
• Rich in powerful sulfur-containing compounds

When using garlic it is best to let it sit after it has been chopped or crushed. This will allow your chopped/crushed garlic time to sit before changing its temperature. This allows the alliinase enzymes in garlic a chance to work and benefit your health.

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Current and Future Trends

Dolce Vita™ cookbook captures recipes that are relevant with today’s food trends. The first thing to look for in any recipe is does it look like it will taste good. I believe all the recipes in the cookbook do taste great.

Some of the trends that are happening today at retail in your grocery stores involve small bite snacks and mini offerings. These offerings range from cupcakes to crackers. This trend is also apparent in restaurants with the increase in “small plates”.

Due to longer hours at work people are also snacking more throughout the day. Thus, snacking has become a new trend that will increase over the next five years. In Dolce Vita™ cookbook there are various snack recipes such as gummy bears and pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate. These are easy snacks to carry with you to work and keep your energy levels up. Grazing throughout the day is what is driving the new mini segment.

Another trend is drinking wines from lesser known vineyards. I have wine recipes in my cookbook. The experience of making your own wine continues to be popular and affordable.

The biggest trend right now is popcorn. I have a delicious recipe in the cookbook for popcorn. The reason popcorn is such a big trend is because it is healthy, affordable, and convenient and is a grain.

Enjoy the recipes!